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Mantra Vision

Mantra Vision


We are an independent coffee shop starting our journey online and taking it offline sometime in the future via our roastery based in Southeast Michigan the community that raised us and stayed close to our hearts. Our mantra is simple: make meticulously sourced, ethically traded, and absolutely delicious coffee worth waking up for in the morning. There’s complexity in the way we grow, there’s precision in the way we brew, there’s art and craft in the way our coffee is roasted. We care about who grows our coffee, and we are committed to providing our customers with the full story of what goes into their daily lift-me-up, from the bitter bean to the velvety espresso. We make damn good coffee. But we also do a damn good job at supporting our local farmers, growers, fellow humans, and the planet. Sustainability and ethics aren’t just buzzwords for us. They are priorities – because we believe that coffee tastes better when it doesn’t come with a human cost. We do not hesitate to approach sensitive topics such as inhumane working conditions, child labor, and human trafficking in the coffee industry. We aim to challenge the status quo and transform the bitter origins of your caffeine fix.